School Halloween Party

The boys had so much fun at Thomas’ school halloween party last year, that we thought we would all try to go and get some family fun in!


Homegirl doesn’t get out as much as the rest of us, so she was super excited about hanging with her big brothers! Since we usually go to several Halloween things and always have a ton of costumes, I never know what they will actually dress up as until we are getting ready. They went with their costumes from two years back that still fit them (apparently I bought them big!) and I put Natalie in Henry’s first Halloween costume.

Adorable kiddos, huh??

She wasn’t too sure about where we were going or the fact that I put her in a completely different stroller than usual, but she was willing to give me the benefit of the doubt… She did seem to enjoy having a bit more freedom of motion than she usually does in the car-seat stroller combo.


These two were hamming it up for the camera most of the night. You can also see that the blue police pants did not make it through the years - there was a bit of a seam blow out and even Nonni gave up on trying to fix them.


This guy was super excited to try the hockey game in the gym. If you ever get the chance to ask him, he will tell you he played hockey before. He has tried the hockey learn-to-skate program and it went horribly, but that is not how he remembers it and I think it’s hysterical. :)


They almost didn’t let Henry in the wrecking ball inflatable and I was so confused since he was in there last year. Turns out they were worried that the two older kids would be too rough for him, but once the older kids realized the problem, they promised to be careful with him. And they totally were - they shoved it super hard at each other, but took it easy on the little guys. My boys better grow up to be so considerate!


It’s hard to catch this guy not making a crazy face for the camera (see above for evidence), but I caught him off guard here. He’s such a cutie when he’s not being a toot. :)


Homegirl put up with being wheeled around for quite a while, but finally got tired of watching from the sidelines. Luckily, we brought two cars so the boys could keep playing while the girls went home. She forgave me for being slightly ignored part of the night since I let her bounce in her jumper for a little bit longer than usual. Babies, so easy to please!

Hahahahahaha…. ;)