Happy Halloween!

Somehow, the rest of September and October flew by and suddenly it was almost Halloween! Luckily, the boys were pretty vocal about what they wanted to be this year, so at least I was prepared on the costume front! They have been a little obsessed with the Lego City episodes on Netflix where the "bad guys" breaking out of jail and the police recapturing them. So guess what costumes we ended up with?

Anchorage actually did a downtown trick-or-treat the weekend before Halloween and some moms who are much more organized than me invited us to join. (Thomas' best friend from daycare is hiding under than Storm Trooper mask.) You can tell everyone is pretty bundled up for the cold, but a princess has to look good for her debut photo! :)

Thomas was super excited when we saw a real police officer on the trick-or-treat route. He graciously posed for a photo with the kids. And our sweet princess was nice enough to restrain Henry so I could get the photo - she's obviously been around Henry before...!

They got a pretty decent haul of candy downtown, but we were pretty excited for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. It wasn't nearly as cold as last year, so I thought we might be able to visit a few more houses!

All layered up and ready to hit the streets for real Halloween! I also added several glow sticks to make them more visible. I like our neighborhood, but it is lacking in streetlights! And sidewalks in our particular cul-de-sac, so I figured it was better to maximize visibility. 

The little guys did great at walking up to houses and saying "Trick-or-Treat!", but tended to get a little confused / distracted by the bigger kids and their costumes...

This year Henry was even able to do most of the stairs by himself. It was icy enough last year that I carried him up all of the stairs, but there was no way my back could handle doing it again this year. The two of them made me so proud - not only did they do great at walking all over the neighborhood, they always told people "Thank you!" when they got candy. And most people thought they were super adorable (because they were!).

Which is probably how they ended up with soooo much candy! Their pumpkins were filled to the brim when we finally called it a night. As much candy as we got, I think the two of them were most excited about the house that gave them toothbrushes (that house didn't mess around - they also gave them a full sized candy bar!) Happy Halloween indeed! :)