Furry Natalie

14 years ago, we fell in love with this energetic puppy in the aisle of the local Petsmart on an adoption day. We had told ourselves that we weren’t going to get a dog yet, but we fell in love with those big brown eyes and sloppy kisses. Unfortunately today, we had to say goodbye to our first furry baby and it was so much harder than I thought it would be. Thankfully Matt happened to be home taking care of the other Natalie today, so she wasn’t alone and I had loved on her before heading out the door this morning.

This dog knew she was loved, but I doubt she knows how much she will be missed. I don’t want to dwell too much on losing her, because I’m crying as I type this already, but I do want to post some older photos of her and talk about this crazy dog and her impact on our life.


Who is this tiny little puppy??? This was from her first few days with us - she was a little tentative at first and once she realized she was staying she celebrated by running around the house like a possessed dog. Matt woke me up to tell me “I think there is something wrong with the dog!” Nope, she’s just excited!


This baby girl went everywhere with us! She used to be tiny enough to fit between us in the S-10, which seemed impossible within a year.


Graduation day from obedience school! I don’t know who those young people with her are, but they sure seem happy about her passing. It was in doubt - she loved jumping up at that age and she may have accidentally done it to the instructor and scratched her nose. Whoops!


Of course, we put her jumping talents to good use once we realized how much she loved to jump. As a side note, that blue collar drove me crazy. People always assumed she was a boy dog even when she was wearing pink, so that clearly made matters worse…


Natalie would actually stay outside (in our fenced backyard) most of the day while we were at work and she was always so excited when I came home! I would be greeted by this adorable face straining to peer under the gate! :)

Of course, we didn’t have Natalie terribly long when we realized she might want a sibling. The neighbor’s had a visiting dog in their yard for a few days and Natalie was so excited that she was shoving all of her toys under the fence for playtime.


And our family of three became a family of four! Doesn’t Natalie look so excited to have a sister??

Picture 006.jpg

The two of them used to love riding around in the car with their heads out in the breeze! I was a very nervous dog mom and was convinced Natalie was going to have something fly into her eye. We had an unspoken deal that she could hold her head out as long as she kept her protective doggles on. She would leave them on just until the car stopped and off they would go!

Arkansas 11-06 106.jpg

But Natalie’s favorite activity was always swimming! We introduced her to it at a pretty young age and it was always her favorite thing to do. Our only criteria for her sibling when we were looking was a dog that liked to swim. And that scruffy little goober we found did indeed like to swim. Unfortunately for Eliza, Natalie was definitely a better swimmer and always got the stick first!

And she was not great at sharing…


But otherwise they were pretty good buds and loved going to the beach to run around like wild animals.


Natalie pretty much didn’t care what kind of water body was around, as long as she could swim in it. The dog park is where she really excelled at leaping into the water! And Eliza learned pretty quickly not to get between her big sister and the water… ;)


After we went on our first backpacking trip to Alaska, we thought we would start doing more backpacking closer to home. We bought the girls their own packs to carry their food and they loved the freedom of being out in the woods and ran double the distance we hiked by getting ahead and doubling back.


We didn’t need to wait for human kids to take family photos for Christmas cards!

(As a side note - all four of us look ridiculously young in this photo…)

Picture 001.jpg

But we didn’t just celebrate Christmas! Natalie didn’t care what holiday it was and she didn’t care if her mom wanted her to be a pumpkin as long as she got that treat her mother was dangling above the camera! Tell me she’s not an adorable pumpkin!!


Baby girl started to show some gray when we moved into the garage apartment, so she can’t blame it on having babies running around like I can. Old girl loved to lay around and get some napping in. I never knew how much napping she did during the day until I was home with her and Thomas on maternity leave. I’m not sure who slept more! (It wasn’t me…)


And her last big move and adventure up to Alaska with us! She didn’t seem to mind the snow and cold at all, though she was not too sure about the giant moose that liked to wander through the yard!

I honestly could keep posting photos of her and remembering this very special puppy of ours, but I have to keep taking breaks since the screen keeps getting blurry...

We are going to miss her so much and I hope our daughter appreciates that she’s named after such an amazing part of our life. We’ll miss you so much furry Natalie.

I sure hope all dogs go to heaven and we get to hang out with you again.

Happy Microtia Day!

Since Natalie was born, I have become much more familiar with many, many medical terms. I wouldn’t say I am an expert in any of them, but I am becoming an expert on her! Microtia was one of the first new ones, because it refers to a congenital deformity of the outer ear - one thing that didn’t need any further testing to confirm. ;)


She also has atresia, which is a broader medical term for an opening in the body that is abnormally closed or absent. The first time I was googling both of those terms I came across an online community for people with either condition and was amazed at the support both in their information and helpfulness on their social media pages. Plus, they have been building awareness of the conditions with a Microtia Day - complete with these adorable T-shirts!


She was doing a good job of hiding parts of the shirt every time I tried to get a photo, so I enlisted her brother’s help to show off the full shirt. Haha - it was a good attempt…


Maybe if I lay her down…? Nope! “Look at my foot instead, mom!”

It’s ok though - the girl with the pink headband and ukulele was the reason I bought the shirt anyhow! It is a bit hard to see, but she only has one ear and the title says “Microtia Kids Rock!” in a nod to the ukuleles. :)

You do rock, my baby girl!


But back to the ears! Obviously, her ears show up in a lot of photos on here, but I don’t usually take photos specifically of them. Her left ear is the side with microtia & atresia and the lack of an ear canal prevents her from having any air conductive hearing on the left. Thankfully her BAHA seems to do a great job at giving her directional hearing .


Her right side is just microtia. I was worried that her ear being a bit folded over would block sound, but that isn’t the case at all. Her ear canal is a little smaller than normal, but it also doesn’t seem to affect her hearing. When she is a bit older, there are reconstruction options as well as the permanent BAHA, but for now she is hearing great and there isn’t much to do except make sure we keep the batteries from dying on her. ;)

The ear community has get togethers pretty frequently, so hopefully we can start attending those and other hearing events so she can see what a supportive community is out there for her. Plus I hear Cochlear occasionally rents out Disney world!


In slightly less good news, furry Natalie doesn’t seem to be doing very good. She’s been not wanting to get up much the past few days, so we grabbed her soft blanket out of our bedroom and brought it downstairs for her. I can’t remember the last time she climbed up the stairs, so it makes more sense to have it down here anyhow. The boys made sure to give her a little extra loving instead of running around like their usual crazy selves. ;)


She seemed pretty comforted getting some loving from her dad. She’s always been a daddy’s girl. :)

All My Babies

I realized after the fact that I had washed some clothing for Natalie to wear on Halloween and it stayed in the laundry basket instead of getting put in her drawer where I would remember it. Whoops!


But we can just pretend she wore it on the right day! What a cutie, huh?


Henry didn’t want to miss out on an impromptu photo shoot. What a ham!


Eliza didn’t want to be so close to the baby, but she did want to be close to her mom. Such a struggle this girl lives! Also, she is so ridiculously shaggy and we should probably get her groomed…


Look at the shag! She kind looks like a sheep with that coat.

Also, you might have noticed her mouth has something weird going on. A few moths ago, I noticed she had a random growth at the front of her mouth. It got big enough to be concerning and we took her in to the vet. They wanted to run all of these tests to see if she needed chemo and we had to have a reality check with the vet that this dog is 16 and let’s just keep her happy without going down the over-intervention path…

So they did surgery to remove it and her two bottom teeth - they were completely out of place thanks to the tumor. It started to grow back pretty quickly, but doesn’t seem to be bothering her, so we’re just keeping an eye on it for now. (And giving her meds that help with any pain she might have and slow the growth)

I went to find the post from her surgery two years ago and realized I never posted anything about it. Short version is that she went from perfectly fine to almost dead one day and we found out she had a giant tumor in her stomach. They couldn’t promise surgery would help and the biopsies were all inconclusive. It was a really rough month of me stressing about her dying (probably why I never posted about it). I was driving home at lunch every day to syringe feed her mushed up dog food and let her out since she wouldn’t eat and lost bladder control. $8000 later, she was tumor free and back to acting like a puppy. The surgeon was pretty shocked by her rapid recovery!

She followed that up a few months later with the sudden inability to walk and twitching eyes. I thought she had a stroke and back to the emergency hospital we went. Thankfully, it was just an inner ear issue and dramamine cleared it up.

So we aren’t heartless by any means, she’s doing fine other than the gnarly pink growth. :)


Thankfully Natalie doesn’t have any health issues, but the poor girl is getting old and slow. Look how gray she is! She clearly doesn’t like me pointing it out and refused to look at the camera.


Baby Natalie is not nearly as camera shy!


I found one of her other outfits that I love and needed to get a photo of! It’s a zipper front, so it’s not exactly tube feeding friendly, but so adorable all the same. My cute little rainbow dinosaur. :)


We finally had a nice enough northern light show that was worth waking the boys up to see! And it was bright enough to see from the house, which is not very common! It was challenging to get these two to stand still long enough to get them and the lights in focus. It’s not the best photo, but it’s proof we did show them the auroras! :)

Random October

I swear we did more this month that just celebrating Halloween, it was actually a pretty fun month!


The moose are back and roaming around! And I just love the fall colors! Less exciting has been the ongoing construction on the road, but at least it’s a nice festive color, too… ;)


I was making a meal & grocery list this morning and Thomas randomly asked me how to spell a few words. I didn’t realize he was making his own menu for the week! He wasn’t far off actually this week - ha! Also, he has such good handwriting. :)


Someone’s feet are growing so fast! He told me his sneakers were getting a bit snug, so we went and found a fun pair for him at Target. I wanted to send a photo of his new kicks to his dad and he insisted on retaking the photo because he forgot to make them light up on the first photo.


I bought this skeleton decal after Halloween last year (I love you, clearance!), but apparently didn’t realize how tall it was and didn’t have a wall to put it on. So I changed him to being a slightly more clumsy skeleton on the window. I kept forgetting he was there, so every time I opened the blinds I got a new giggle out of him.


You may have noticed the “Chicken & Waffles” Thomas wrote on his menu. I added that to the rotation a few weeks ago and they love it! Of course, we need to have a discussion on appropriate maple syrup usage…

(He clearly takes after his dad…)


After months of fighting with the insurance about policies versus common sense, we won our appeal for the denial of her BAHA. I was ready to fight longer and escalate it higher, but something in my appeal must have resonated with someone there, because they changed their mind. Cochlear had to confirm with the audiologist before they would fill it though, because it’s apparently pretty rare to win with the specific denial we had. But won we did! (And got an adorable pink headband too!)

And she had her first Visual Reinforcement Audiometry hearing test and did awesome. Obviously they could only test her right ear this way, but she passed at almost all of the frequencies. The only one she couldn’t hear was the one that was the same as her noisy breathing, so no surprise there. Rocking it, baby girl


This kid…

I love him and his adorableness so much! :)


Her g-tube was leaking a little, so I thought it would be a good idea to change it out before our trip to Seattle. Leaking isn’t uncommon, the one-way valve in the middle sometimes gives out and you just have to make sure you put the cap back in it. I posted a photo of the one with a broken balloon, but thought you might be interested in seeing what it should look like.

The top part ("the “button”) sits flush against her skin and the narrow part is what goes through the stoma (opening in the epidermis) and the balloon on the bottom holds it flush against the stomach wall to prevent leaks. The port on the right is how you add/remove water from the balloon. The cap is covering the food port, but that is where the extension clicks into and some what locks in place. This one has been in for about 3 months and I think all of the preference of orange foods has something to do with the yellowish tint it’s gotten since it’s “install”.

Such a fantastic little medical device that keeps our baby girl growing like a champ! :)


After approximately 14 years of debating, I may have given up on Matt and bought a RV! You can tell how excited I am by the cheesy grin on my face. We had some friends leaving Alaska that were selling it and it was the perfect layout for our family - big table, bunks in the back! I can’t wait for next summer to get to use it!

Now Matt just has to buy a truck to tow it… ;)


Baby food! Also baby steps toward this girl’s blended diet. The dietician said most commercial baby foods tended to skimp on the meat portion of the mixed meat & veggie blends, so we made our own. Chicken puree isn’t really that appetizing, but mixed with other stuff starts to look like normal baby food.


Someone stole my phone and was taking selfies of himself in the crown from my Halloween costume. Always a fun surprise to find cute photos I didn’t know existed!

The pharmacy gave us an adapter cap for one of her meds to draw it up with a syringe. I had the brilliant idea to order a bunch of the caps online to use with bottles and her blended food. Unfortunately, I had no idea that measuring bottle caps was such a science and got ones that were too small. :(

I was trying to see if anything else in the house would work and found one bottle it would fit on. Ha - her grandpa definitely approved of that feeding method!

Happy Halloween!


All of the fun pre-Halloween activities, but it was finally the big day! Yay!


Henry wanted to be a doctor this year which was super sweet given the amount of time we have spent with doctors this year. But their lab coat Nonni bought them a few years ago has gotten too small. So I bought him a new doctor’s coat with scrubs. Doesn’t he look ridiculously adorable?!?


Of course, it is Alaska, so we had to layer them up under their costumes. :)


Natalie and I weren’t going to venture out with the boys, so we pulled all the decorations inside so people wouldn’t be ringing the doorbell on us. The pumpkins the boys carved with Nonni while we were in Seattle with Natalie were definitely starting to show their age. Plus they were covered in frost. Poor grumpy pumpkins!


Her therapists up here found her a better high chair for trying to eat foods since the one I bought her isn’t great at keeping her at a specific angle. We have to try and maximize her posture to keep her from having any additional troubles with swallowing.


We get to try solids for a little while before her next swallow study - it’s kinda hard to get a meaningful swallow study if she won’t swallow anything! So we are excited to try this out, even though she seems more interested in playing with the bowl and spoon than eating… Baby steps!


The boys weren’t gone very long before they came running back in the house. Apparently someone had to potty and I thought they had enough candy to not venture back out in the cold again. The promise of hot chocolates and TV time clearly won out over any protests about more trick-or-treating.

Hope everyone had a great October and a Happy Halloween!

Trick-or-Treat in the Street!

Since we like to over celebrate certain holidays, there was no way we were going to miss out on Trick-or-Treat in the Street! And since it’s relatively easy to bring the stroller along, that means it was a family outing!

You can see the boys were both only half interested in dressing up (ha!). Natalie was all in with her adorable unicorn outfit though! And Henry was, of course, giving me ridiculous expressions while I was trying to take photos.


Asking him to sit up and give me a real smile didn’t really improve the situation much… Though Thomas must have thought I was talking to him since he did sit up a little bit straighter. Natalie clearly ignored me - she was too busy waving her arms around like a crazy unicorn.

Also, I kept asking Thomas if he was a meter maid (like in Zootopia!) and he would get so irritated with me because he was clearly a crossing guard. Oh yeah, obviously.


I love her little unicorn outfit. I was just going to let her wear the giraffe, but I saw this at Target and how on earth could I resist such cuteness???


Apparently it was nice and cozy too! It was a little chilly outside, but she was nice and toasty while we were walking down the street collecting candy. She doesn’t even know the excitement she is missing!


Pretty sure this nice police officer snuck Thomas an extra piece of candy since he was dressed as a police officer again this year. :)


Just like last year, we gave up a little earlier on the actual trick-or-treating and headed for the ice cream shop. Henry was not impressed by the fact we had to wait a few minutes.


I love their Halloween names! The boys both settled on the Blood Red. I didn’t think they would really like, but they were insistent!


All smiles about their raspberry sorbets!

But as predicted, neither one of them was interested in actually eating the whole thing. “I don’t like it…”

They’re pretty adorable anyhow. :)


They were happy with the hot chocolates at the next stop though!


Matt & I had a halloween party at a friend’s house tonight, so Aunt Heather came over for the traditional early Halloween party! And she made them slime with glitter glue…

Thanks, Aunt Heather…

I’m just teasing, the kids had a blast and didn’t even care we weren’t hanging out with them all night. It’s nice to get away for a little bit of fun and they like having fun without us sometimes. Win-win!

9 Months!

What? Three-quarters of a year already?? Impossible!


Also impossible to see how big she has gotten! She’s definitely lost the brown hair she was born with and is a blondie! Though both the boys were as well, so she could still go brown later. And, unsurprisingly, I am still so in love with those big blue eyes!


She is clearly still in love with holding on to her monthly cards.


Though this month, she was much more excited to yell at the cards than she was interested in eating them.


Well, she was also interested in yelling at me - just in case you can’t tell from the photos… Henry seemed to think it was fun and was half heartedly yelling with her.


Speaking of Henry… Kid… You are going to kill me with these facial expressions. This was pretty much the best shot of the three of them that I got. Ha. Not our best month!

Though Henry did want to dress in his nice shirt this month, so at least there was that! And even though she was going topsy-turvy, Thomas kept her upright. Such a good big brother!


Aaaaaand there is the card eating! At least she let me get a few photos in before she tried to destroy it.


Henry is clearly done with me. Thomas has forgotten where the camera is. And Natalie is glad she can hear in stereo again.


Thanks for putting up with me for another month, dear baby of mine. I love you whole bunches and can’t believe how big and strong you have gotten. You not only wow me, you blow away all of your therapists who have seen your progress.

You are going to be a force to be reckoned with, little one.

Seattle Trip #2

It seems like we’ve been forever waiting for the follow-up trip to Seattle. Waiting to do another swallow study, waiting to trial food, waiting to see if they can help with the reflux, etc.


But the wait is over! We’re headed down there to hopefully get some more answers! Since we saw a pulmonologist up here in the meantime, he suggested an additional scope procedure in addition to the ones Seattle was already planning. Trying really hard not to stress about it. Clearly I should take a page out of Natalie’s book as she is not the least bit stressed out!


This girl seems very interested in food these days. Obviously she can’t have any yet, but that doesn’t keep her from trying to steal it from you!


She fussed a little bit right as we were taking off, but then her and her dad fell asleep for their plan ride nap. So cute!


We had to check in with the team on Monday morning, but it was just a quick appointment to give updates on how she has been and for them to walk through the procedure plan for Wednesday. Then we had a whole afternoon with nothing to do - might as well go soak up the sunshine and warmth!

She looks pretty entranced with her dada in this photo, huh?


Wonder if she would be so entranced if she knew he was walking her into Lake Union?? ;)


Tuesday we had nothing to do, so our friends suggested a few daytrip options. But first, I wanted to introduce Matt to the donut store down the street from their house that I took Thomas to a few years ago. I went up to get the coffees and when I came back there was a bite taken out of my donut. The size of the bite led me to expect one of my companions more than the other…


Not that she wouldn’t have… I gave her a tiny piece of icing and she sucked it in approvingly! :)


We drove to the north and took one of the less crowded ferries across the sound. She seemed pretty excited about her first ferry ride! (Even if it was a bit windy!)


Chilling in the car away from the breeze. She’s more interested in the people walking by the car than her momma. But I like this photo (even though it was horrible in color) because it shows her ridiculously long lashes. Still soooo long and full - I’m jealous!


After another bit of driving, we finally made it to our destination - Fort Casey and the cliff-side gun batteries that used to defend the entrance to Puget Sound. The views were pretty awesome and the day was just ridiculously gorgeous. And learning about the history of the gun batteries was pretty fun!


Of course, Matt decided to get a bit more up & close to the battery than I did… ;)


Even homegirl seemed to appreciate the adventure and the fresh air! It was by far the most time she has spent in the car and she didn’t complain at all! She must like hanging out with us. :)


Of course, we weren’t just here for fun, so Wednesday morning was time to head back to the hospital. Due to a mix-up, we almost missed our scheduled time, but the staff was thankfully very forgiving. They rushed her through pre-op without actually rushing and made sure they had all of her information right before wheeling her back to the procedure room.

I could have done without the extra stress added to the morning. But I will be forever grateful for our friend running out a coffee to me as we were panic packing the car to get there. You are the best, Katie!


The procedures all went great and she handled it like a champ! She was a bit fussy when she first came out of anesthesia, but otherwise it was no big deal. She had to stay overnight to make sure there were no side effects from the anesthesia - it was so odd being in the hospital with a completely healthy baby!

The scope showed no abnormalities that would cause her any issues with eating or breathing. They did notice her trachea was slightly compressed and managed to squeeze her in for a CT scan to make sure it was a benign cause and not a artery compressing it. The didn’t want to put her under anesthesia again, so the CT team was willing to try doing a speed CT so she could be awake. It went great even though she was yelling at them the whole time (she wasn't a fan of being strapped down…) Thankfully all the arteries are in the right place, so no emergency surgeries were needed!

The ENT recommended trying a gel filler that they generally use to fill laryngeal clefts. She doesn’t have a cleft, but the treatment has shown some improvement in patients with dysphagia. The medical team thought it might help help start trying to eat solids a little more safely and there weren’t really side effects, so we opted to try it. So given all that, she is cleared to try to start eating small amounts of food and we’ll come back to do a follow up with the Aerodigestive Clinic soon.


By the next morning she was clearly ready to bust out of there! I don’t blame her - discharge always takes for-e-ver…!


The next morning, we set off for the airport with enough time to make a few fun stops. I wanted to buy the boys something and figured treats from Trader Joe’s would be as good as any trinket! Plus, look at how awesome she is sitting up in the shopping cart! :)


The flight home was pretty uneventful, with just a little fussiness before crashing and sleeping most of the way (along with her dad). And we made it back in time for another clinic - the Shiner’s orthopedic team was in town for her quarterly appointment. She got some new x-rays she wasn’t terribly excited about doing, but they think her spine still looks nice and straight.

So overall, not a bad week in the medical news department. I’ll take it!

School Halloween Party

The boys had so much fun at Thomas’ school halloween party last year, that we thought we would all try to go and get some family fun in!


Homegirl doesn’t get out as much as the rest of us, so she was super excited about hanging with her big brothers! Since we usually go to several Halloween things and always have a ton of costumes, I never know what they will actually dress up as until we are getting ready. They went with their costumes from two years back that still fit them (apparently I bought them big!) and I put Natalie in Henry’s first Halloween costume.

Adorable kiddos, huh??

She wasn’t too sure about where we were going or the fact that I put her in a completely different stroller than usual, but she was willing to give me the benefit of the doubt… She did seem to enjoy having a bit more freedom of motion than she usually does in the car-seat stroller combo.


These two were hamming it up for the camera most of the night. You can also see that the blue police pants did not make it through the years - there was a bit of a seam blow out and even Nonni gave up on trying to fix them.


This guy was super excited to try the hockey game in the gym. If you ever get the chance to ask him, he will tell you he played hockey before. He has tried the hockey learn-to-skate program and it went horribly, but that is not how he remembers it and I think it’s hysterical. :)


They almost didn’t let Henry in the wrecking ball inflatable and I was so confused since he was in there last year. Turns out they were worried that the two older kids would be too rough for him, but once the older kids realized the problem, they promised to be careful with him. And they totally were - they shoved it super hard at each other, but took it easy on the little guys. My boys better grow up to be so considerate!


It’s hard to catch this guy not making a crazy face for the camera (see above for evidence), but I caught him off guard here. He’s such a cutie when he’s not being a toot. :)


Homegirl put up with being wheeled around for quite a while, but finally got tired of watching from the sidelines. Luckily, we brought two cars so the boys could keep playing while the girls went home. She forgave me for being slightly ignored part of the night since I let her bounce in her jumper for a little bit longer than usual. Babies, so easy to please!

Hahahahahaha…. ;)

Halloween Cookies

It has been way, way too long since we decorated cookies. I think the second set of Halloween cookies was the last time the cutters and sprinkles got pulled out. I am clearly depriving these poor kids!!


They were both super excited about getting to help cut the cookies out - and clearly not going to be orderly about taking turns. Also, I am not sure if I ever mentioned it, but this giant baking mat that Matt bought me has been a game changer for rolling out things! Our kitchen has cut granite tiles for the counter and it’s pretty awful when you need to roll things out and not have lines in them. A very thoughtful present!


Since we were in the decorating mood, I went and retrieved the Halloween houses from last year - they survived with only a moderate amount of disarray. Thomas got his fixed right up with some glue!


We bought some new kits and I once again question why I buy them such complicated kits. In my defense, I thought I bought easier kits this year, but I was quite wrong.


Thomas tried really hard on his kit, but I don’t think we ever got it finished. Henry’s got completed by three separate people helping him, but we lost the instructions to Thomas’ kit and it was all over. :(


But cookies? Now those we can get finished! And everyone likes cookies better anyhow…!


Plus we had lots of help with decorating! Although I learned that if six people are going to be decorating, then four bottles of icing will not cut it. Next time I will have more!

Clearly the amount of sprinkles is never an issue around here.


The boys came along too, though they didn’t help much with the decorating… One was super happy to look at me while I was taking photos and the other one was all “Bro, be cool!”

Whatever, I love both of you cutie-patooties, no matter how coy you try to be with me!


All the finished cookies! I honestly can’t pick a favorite, there were so many fun ones!I feel like you can still pick out the ones that Henry decorated pretty easily, but Thomas is starting to blend in with the adults decorating. Pretty impressive! :)

His sprinkle amounts are a bit of a tell if his dad is not also decorating. ;)