Halloween Cookies

It has been way, way too long since we decorated cookies. I think the second set of Halloween cookies was the last time the cutters and sprinkles got pulled out. I am clearly depriving these poor kids!!


They were both super excited about getting to help cut the cookies out - and clearly not going to be orderly about taking turns. Also, I am not sure if I ever mentioned it, but this giant baking mat that Matt bought me has been a game changer for rolling out things! Our kitchen has cut granite tiles for the counter and it’s pretty awful when you need to roll things out and not have lines in them. A very thoughtful present!


Since we were in the decorating mood, I went and retrieved the Halloween houses from last year - they survived with only a moderate amount of disarray. Thomas got his fixed right up with some glue!


We bought some new kits and I once again question why I buy them such complicated kits. In my defense, I thought I bought easier kits this year, but I was quite wrong.


Thomas tried really hard on his kit, but I don’t think we ever got it finished. Henry’s got completed by three separate people helping him, but we lost the instructions to Thomas’ kit and it was all over. :(


But cookies? Now those we can get finished! And everyone likes cookies better anyhow…!


Plus we had lots of help with decorating! Although I learned that if six people are going to be decorating, then four bottles of icing will not cut it. Next time I will have more!

Clearly the amount of sprinkles is never an issue around here.


The boys came along too, though they didn’t help much with the decorating… One was super happy to look at me while I was taking photos and the other one was all “Bro, be cool!”

Whatever, I love both of you cutie-patooties, no matter how coy you try to be with me!


All the finished cookies! I honestly can’t pick a favorite, there were so many fun ones!I feel like you can still pick out the ones that Henry decorated pretty easily, but Thomas is starting to blend in with the adults decorating. Pretty impressive! :)

His sprinkle amounts are a bit of a tell if his dad is not also decorating. ;)