Random October

I swear we did more this month that just celebrating Halloween, it was actually a pretty fun month!


The moose are back and roaming around! And I just love the fall colors! Less exciting has been the ongoing construction on the road, but at least it’s a nice festive color, too… ;)


I was making a meal & grocery list this morning and Thomas randomly asked me how to spell a few words. I didn’t realize he was making his own menu for the week! He wasn’t far off actually this week - ha! Also, he has such good handwriting. :)


Someone’s feet are growing so fast! He told me his sneakers were getting a bit snug, so we went and found a fun pair for him at Target. I wanted to send a photo of his new kicks to his dad and he insisted on retaking the photo because he forgot to make them light up on the first photo.


I bought this skeleton decal after Halloween last year (I love you, clearance!), but apparently didn’t realize how tall it was and didn’t have a wall to put it on. So I changed him to being a slightly more clumsy skeleton on the window. I kept forgetting he was there, so every time I opened the blinds I got a new giggle out of him.


You may have noticed the “Chicken & Waffles” Thomas wrote on his menu. I added that to the rotation a few weeks ago and they love it! Of course, we need to have a discussion on appropriate maple syrup usage…

(He clearly takes after his dad…)


After months of fighting with the insurance about policies versus common sense, we won our appeal for the denial of her BAHA. I was ready to fight longer and escalate it higher, but something in my appeal must have resonated with someone there, because they changed their mind. Cochlear had to confirm with the audiologist before they would fill it though, because it’s apparently pretty rare to win with the specific denial we had. But won we did! (And got an adorable pink headband too!)

And she had her first Visual Reinforcement Audiometry hearing test and did awesome. Obviously they could only test her right ear this way, but she passed at almost all of the frequencies. The only one she couldn’t hear was the one that was the same as her noisy breathing, so no surprise there. Rocking it, baby girl


This kid…

I love him and his adorableness so much! :)


Her g-tube was leaking a little, so I thought it would be a good idea to change it out before our trip to Seattle. Leaking isn’t uncommon, the one-way valve in the middle sometimes gives out and you just have to make sure you put the cap back in it. I posted a photo of the one with a broken balloon, but thought you might be interested in seeing what it should look like.

The top part ("the “button”) sits flush against her skin and the narrow part is what goes through the stoma (opening in the epidermis) and the balloon on the bottom holds it flush against the stomach wall to prevent leaks. The port on the right is how you add/remove water from the balloon. The cap is covering the food port, but that is where the extension clicks into and some what locks in place. This one has been in for about 3 months and I think all of the preference of orange foods has something to do with the yellowish tint it’s gotten since it’s “install”.

Such a fantastic little medical device that keeps our baby girl growing like a champ! :)


After approximately 14 years of debating, I may have given up on Matt and bought a RV! You can tell how excited I am by the cheesy grin on my face. We had some friends leaving Alaska that were selling it and it was the perfect layout for our family - big table, bunks in the back! I can’t wait for next summer to get to use it!

Now Matt just has to buy a truck to tow it… ;)


Baby food! Also baby steps toward this girl’s blended diet. The dietician said most commercial baby foods tended to skimp on the meat portion of the mixed meat & veggie blends, so we made our own. Chicken puree isn’t really that appetizing, but mixed with other stuff starts to look like normal baby food.


Someone stole my phone and was taking selfies of himself in the crown from my Halloween costume. Always a fun surprise to find cute photos I didn’t know existed!

The pharmacy gave us an adapter cap for one of her meds to draw it up with a syringe. I had the brilliant idea to order a bunch of the caps online to use with bottles and her blended food. Unfortunately, I had no idea that measuring bottle caps was such a science and got ones that were too small. :(

I was trying to see if anything else in the house would work and found one bottle it would fit on. Ha - her grandpa definitely approved of that feeding method!