All My Babies

I realized after the fact that I had washed some clothing for Natalie to wear on Halloween and it stayed in the laundry basket instead of getting put in her drawer where I would remember it. Whoops!


But we can just pretend she wore it on the right day! What a cutie, huh?


Henry didn’t want to miss out on an impromptu photo shoot. What a ham!


Eliza didn’t want to be so close to the baby, but she did want to be close to her mom. Such a struggle this girl lives! Also, she is so ridiculously shaggy and we should probably get her groomed…


Look at the shag! She kind looks like a sheep with that coat.

Also, you might have noticed her mouth has something weird going on. A few moths ago, I noticed she had a random growth at the front of her mouth. It got big enough to be concerning and we took her in to the vet. They wanted to run all of these tests to see if she needed chemo and we had to have a reality check with the vet that this dog is 16 and let’s just keep her happy without going down the over-intervention path…

So they did surgery to remove it and her two bottom teeth - they were completely out of place thanks to the tumor. It started to grow back pretty quickly, but doesn’t seem to be bothering her, so we’re just keeping an eye on it for now. (And giving her meds that help with any pain she might have and slow the growth)

I went to find the post from her surgery two years ago and realized I never posted anything about it. Short version is that she went from perfectly fine to almost dead one day and we found out she had a giant tumor in her stomach. They couldn’t promise surgery would help and the biopsies were all inconclusive. It was a really rough month of me stressing about her dying (probably why I never posted about it). I was driving home at lunch every day to syringe feed her mushed up dog food and let her out since she wouldn’t eat and lost bladder control. $8000 later, she was tumor free and back to acting like a puppy. The surgeon was pretty shocked by her rapid recovery!

She followed that up a few months later with the sudden inability to walk and twitching eyes. I thought she had a stroke and back to the emergency hospital we went. Thankfully, it was just an inner ear issue and dramamine cleared it up.

So we aren’t heartless by any means, she’s doing fine other than the gnarly pink growth. :)


Thankfully Natalie doesn’t have any health issues, but the poor girl is getting old and slow. Look how gray she is! She clearly doesn’t like me pointing it out and refused to look at the camera.


Baby Natalie is not nearly as camera shy!


I found one of her other outfits that I love and needed to get a photo of! It’s a zipper front, so it’s not exactly tube feeding friendly, but so adorable all the same. My cute little rainbow dinosaur. :)


We finally had a nice enough northern light show that was worth waking the boys up to see! And it was bright enough to see from the house, which is not very common! It was challenging to get these two to stand still long enough to get them and the lights in focus. It’s not the best photo, but it’s proof we did show them the auroras! :)