Happy Halloween!


All of the fun pre-Halloween activities, but it was finally the big day! Yay!


Henry wanted to be a doctor this year which was super sweet given the amount of time we have spent with doctors this year. But their lab coat Nonni bought them a few years ago has gotten too small. So I bought him a new doctor’s coat with scrubs. Doesn’t he look ridiculously adorable?!?


Of course, it is Alaska, so we had to layer them up under their costumes. :)


Natalie and I weren’t going to venture out with the boys, so we pulled all the decorations inside so people wouldn’t be ringing the doorbell on us. The pumpkins the boys carved with Nonni while we were in Seattle with Natalie were definitely starting to show their age. Plus they were covered in frost. Poor grumpy pumpkins!


Her therapists up here found her a better high chair for trying to eat foods since the one I bought her isn’t great at keeping her at a specific angle. We have to try and maximize her posture to keep her from having any additional troubles with swallowing.


We get to try solids for a little while before her next swallow study - it’s kinda hard to get a meaningful swallow study if she won’t swallow anything! So we are excited to try this out, even though she seems more interested in playing with the bowl and spoon than eating… Baby steps!


The boys weren’t gone very long before they came running back in the house. Apparently someone had to potty and I thought they had enough candy to not venture back out in the cold again. The promise of hot chocolates and TV time clearly won out over any protests about more trick-or-treating.

Hope everyone had a great October and a Happy Halloween!