9 Months!

What? Three-quarters of a year already?? Impossible!


Also impossible to see how big she has gotten! She’s definitely lost the brown hair she was born with and is a blondie! Though both the boys were as well, so she could still go brown later. And, unsurprisingly, I am still so in love with those big blue eyes!


She is clearly still in love with holding on to her monthly cards.


Though this month, she was much more excited to yell at the cards than she was interested in eating them.


Well, she was also interested in yelling at me - just in case you can’t tell from the photos… Henry seemed to think it was fun and was half heartedly yelling with her.


Speaking of Henry… Kid… You are going to kill me with these facial expressions. This was pretty much the best shot of the three of them that I got. Ha. Not our best month!

Though Henry did want to dress in his nice shirt this month, so at least there was that! And even though she was going topsy-turvy, Thomas kept her upright. Such a good big brother!


Aaaaaand there is the card eating! At least she let me get a few photos in before she tried to destroy it.


Henry is clearly done with me. Thomas has forgotten where the camera is. And Natalie is glad she can hear in stereo again.


Thanks for putting up with me for another month, dear baby of mine. I love you whole bunches and can’t believe how big and strong you have gotten. You not only wow me, you blow away all of your therapists who have seen your progress.

You are going to be a force to be reckoned with, little one.