Happy Birthday Henry!!

It's finally here! My little guy is a year old! I say finally, but honestly I'm having the opposite reaction - how is he already a year old??

Thomas helped me make a super special birthday breakfast for his little brother. What a sweetie, huh? I didn't let him touch the bacon though - he's not quite up to the hygiene standards to be touching raw meat... 

Henry looks a little skeptical, huh? He was happy enough because he had his milk, but he is really giving us the side eye!

I made grandmom's waffles (of course!), but I wanted to make them super duper special since it was a birthday breakfast! So I added whipped cream and sprinkles! Thomas was so excited about the waffle tower!

Thomas does not waste any time digging into the waffles. 

Henry was still a little skeptical. I put the stack of three waffles on his tray and looked away to get the camera. And somehow he got the bottom waffle out without disrupting the tower. Well that's impressive. 

Then he did it again! I guess he wasn't interested in the fluffy pile of white stuff on top of his waffles. He eventually dug in to the good stuff, but I was also digging in so you'll just have to trust me. :)

While the boys were napping, I finished up Henry's cake. We affectionately call him the Hulk because he's such a happy, calm baby - until he goes into a baby rage! Haha, it's usually food related, but man can he get angry! Then he's all sunshine and roses again. So - the Hulk!

I found a cake example online and did a pretty good job of mimicking it. I was more than happy with the final result, especially since it's been a while since I made a tiered cake. Well any super involved cake at all really...

Hulk was not cooperating at all! He kept falling over and knocking the "bricks" over. So I made him a fondant boot to keep him upright. 

After nap time, I lost sight of Henry for a second and realized my mistake when he was too quiet. This kid! Normally I would whisk him away and not take the time to get photos, but the damage was already done and it was his birthday... He looks pretty proud of himself, huh?

I tried to die a birthday shirt Hulk purple for Henry. It was the perfect dark purple shade when I pulled it out of the dye bath. But then it got considerably lighter after washin it... Oh well, it was still a purple and green combination. Matt teased me so much about the shade of purple that Thomas refused to wear the matching shirt I dyed him. At least that's my version of events - I'm blaming hubby!

Whatever - Henry looks happy enough with his birthday shirt!

We started singing Happy Birthday to Henry and he was so enthralled about it. He kept looking from person to person and grinning so big. (I totally forgot the birthday hats, but given Thomas' bad reaction to them at his first birthday, that might not have been the worst thing.)

He looks pretty excited about his cake as well! (Who wouldn't be??)

But the best part was the biggest fiasco! Unbeknownst to me, my mom packed up a box to bring with her with dry ice and Blue Bell ice cream for Henry's first birthday. Those of you that know us, know that Blue Bell is a big deal! So guess which bag the airline lost? More correctly, the bag the airline never even put on the plane in Dallas??

Mom was irate! She was much more polite on the phone than I would have been, but she was still pretty upset with American Airlines. The ticket was Alaskan Airlines, but the first leg was on American. In the end, it worked out amazingly - the ice cream got there late that same night and when the staff at Alaskan Airlines saw "Ice Cream" written on the side of the box, they put it in the freezer right away. When we opened it, it was pretty obvious the ice cream had never melted at all. Awesome save, Alaskan!

Henry wasn't too sure about the cake at first. He took a few small nibbles of it...

Thomas is an old pro at cakes and dug right in!

Henry quickly followed along! The fondant held the piece of cake together well enough he could pick up the whole thing at once. 

Then the ice cream got involved! Messiness ensues...!

Hahahaha - look at this kid! If he could have taken a bath in the ice cream, I think he would have. Well worth the headache to get it up here. :)

Happy Birthday little man!! It's been a great year and I can't believe it's gone by so fast! 

The only sad part of the day was while I was trying to get some good messy cake photos of Henry. I was snapping away and then I hear this sad voice off to my left.

"Mommy? I'm over here, mommy!"

Apparently Thomas was feeling left out. I felt so bad! He usually gets tired of me taking his photo all the time, but I guess I don't usually favor Henry with the camera quite as much. So I took several of him and that seemed to pacify him - though he didn't have any big smiles for me. Break a mother's heart...

And the best part of a tiered cake? Even though we had the four of us, plus Nonni, Heather and Brittney - we couldn't even finish the top tier. But after I pulled off the remnants of the top - it was like a whole new cake! The three candle upgrade was to cover the holes from the supports I used for the second tier. Yay for cake - part two tomorrow!